Saturday, November 13, 2010


Once again we begin to think of the christmas season soon to be upon us.

Of course for me it is all the preparation and especially all the goodies we enjoy.

Out comes my recipes and as usual the old standbys always come out first.

My Mom, bless her soul, gave me her recipe for mincemeat. She wrote it on the back of a used

envelope. Just the ingredients, No amounts and no directions. I treasure this little piece of

scrap paper because it is written in Mom's handwriting.

My daughter Liz always helps making the mincemeat. It has become a family tradition.

She peels the apples and puts them through the food processor. "Mom, do you think we have

enough apples?" asked Liz. "Oh I think so". We then proceed to put in all the other ingredients

tasting as we go. Perhaps should add a little more of this or that. Eventually it satisfies our

taste buds. Because of my Mom, the finished product is a little different every year. Thanks

Mom for the special memory.