Monday, June 14, 2010

Tree of life quilt

Finally the saga continues-re the tree of life quilt. It seems like an odd name for a quilt because its a tree trunk covered with flowers. My sister thought it should have loaves of bread and all different foods on the branches, and perhaps Adam and Eve.

Dimensions of quilt -97" x 109". Not being a mathematician, I have no idea how many stitches it contains, perhaps a few thousand or more. It took three of us working steady-7 days a week for two and a half weeks.

There was one problem after another. The two middle pieces did not line up properly, So stitches were taken out and new ones put in. This quilt has been in my possession for probably close to ten years, so I couldn't very well complain to the company, but had it been new they certainly would have gotten an ear full and then some.

Mary, Ruth and myself finally got at it. Lots of good stories were told and lots of laughs were had. We really did have a lot of fun doing this.

In the the quilt was renamed "the quilt from Hell"

Come this winter when it's on my bed, it should keep me nice and warm-even hot, if it's true what they say about hell!!

I want to thank Mary and Ruth for all their help. It was greatly appreciated. Without their help I would still be working away. Thanks a million girls.