Thursday, May 27, 2010

My voodoo doll

This was hilarious when it happened, but may not seem very humorous now. It took place in my living room. Over the winter months I spent many hours embroidering a quilt. N andow it was time to quilt. My sister Mary brought her quilting frames and we proceded to put this quilt in the frames. It took all morning to acc omplish this fete. By 1 p.m. exhaustion was setting and we were at the point of giddiness. Next step was to pin it to the frames using extra large straight pins.

Well my sister was holding the box of pins, when I looked over and could'nt believe my eyes. The box had flipped, pins everywhere, They were stuck in the rug, all over the quilt and all down the front of Mary. We were in stitches-pardon the pun-we laughed til we cried.

At that very moment she became my voodoo doll.

The name of this quilt is "The Tree of Life"

There will be a sequel to this saga.


  1. HA!!!
    That IS hilarious! Too bad you didn't take a picture!
    (Remind me to wear shoes the next time I'm in your house!)
    Great post, Mom!
    And thanks for your sweet comments on mine.
    i know, I know, I was going to call you tonight but after I posted my flash story I had to write another story so I have something to present to my writer's circle meeting tomorrow night. Two stories in one day! Gack! I'm giddy, too!

  2. aren't you lucky to have such a supportive daughter!!!

    I think it is time to stop laughing and pull the pins out of Mary.

  3. Thanks for the compliment Mark! Lmao! Another fun read mom! Enjoying your blog immensly!